Collection: Terracotta Horse


The Qin pottery horse is a masterpiece of realistic art. It is based on a real horse and is the largest pottery artwork in the history of Chinese and foreign art in terms of volume. The pottery horse has a broad chest and bulging muscles. The abdomen and back are strong, and the hips are round and heavy, seemingly able to bear 1,000 pounds of force. The limbs are cut with a large knife and axe, and the front legs are like pillars and the hind legs are like bows.
According to the relevant historical materials, the saddle horses are mainly from the official stables at that time. All have the strong body to help them play a prominent role in the war. This one is a horse carved from yellow brown clay. Check the detailed pictures, take it home and enjoy this fantastic ancient art.
Great tabletop decoration for homes, offices, shops, shopping malls and other places you like, or as a special gift for housewarming or business opening, which means fortune, lucky, passionate and powerful.