Collection: Cavalryman

The costumes of the cavalry warrior in Pit 2 of the Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of Qin are obviously different from those of the infantry. Cavalries were very important for warfare. To select a qualified cavalryman, there are a lot of strict requirements, and the prominent one is that the solider has to have a strong and healthy body. Inside Pit 2, all of the cavalry figures are 1.8-meter (6 feet) high, with soldierly-looking appearance and majestic manner. This can prove that they are the true portrayal of the cavalrymen in the Qin Dynasty.
For the convenience of the riding and proceeding, these cavalries wear short armors, tight sleeves, short gowns with armor vests, crotched trousers as well as jackboots, with a crossbow and a bridle on the hands respectively. Besides, they also wear a rounded hat, and there is a lace on the hat to fasten it under the chin. Archaeologists also found some bronze arrows, crossbows and residual copper swords, and from this discovery they can assume that the cavalry soldiers are equipped with both the crossbows and swords as the main weapons. All of these enable them to assault deftly.
There are 116 cavalrymen found in Pit 2. The cavalry figurines reflect a new type of soldier that had begun to appear in the Qin Dynasty, an important stage in ancient Chinese military history.
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