Travel with the General: A Journey Across Mexico and America

Travel with the General: A Journey Across Mexico and America

May Adventures with My Terracotta Warrior

Hello everyone, Jack here from Portland! I’m excited to share my recent adventure with my beloved 30cm General Terracotta Warrior from During my visit to Xi’an, the heart of ancient China, I bought this stunning 30cm General. He’s been my travel companion throughout my entire journey across Mexico and America, visiting Cancun, New York, and finally back to Portland.

Cancun, New York, and Portland

Our journey began in the beautiful beaches of Cancun, where the General and I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the stunning views. From there, we flew to New York, a city that never sleeps and is full of energy and excitement.

Finally, we arrived in Portland, where my General met its 70cm counterparts - the Archer, Soldier, and another General - in my living room. It was a touching reunion as these warriors stood together, symbolizing strength and history. I have a deep love for Chinese culture, which was ignited during my visit to the Museum of Terracotta Warriors. That's where I first heard about The moment I returned to America, I knew I had to purchase these warriors.

The Arrival of the Warriors

The three 70cm warriors arrived in a large wooden box, expertly packed to ensure their safe journey. Unboxing them was like opening a treasure chest. Their intricate details and lifelike expressions are truly captivating. My daughter in Toronto was equally impressed and can't wait for the General to visit her next.

A close-up of the 70cm warriors being unboxed from their sturdy wooden crates. This image demonstrates the careful packaging and attention to detail that provides, ensuring each piece arrives safely and ready to inspire awe.

Looking Forward to Toronto

Now, as I enjoy the company of my warriors in Portland, I’m eagerly looking forward to the General’s next trip to Toronto to meet my daughter. It’s amazing how these pieces of history bring so much joy and connection to our lives. Stay tuned for more adventures!

An inviting living room scene featuring Jack's 70cm Terracotta Warriors—General, Archer, and Soldier—beautifully arranged in his Portland home. This image highlights how these historical replicas can enhance home decor, blending ancient artistry with modern living spaces.

Thank you,, for making this possible. For anyone who loves history and wants a piece of it in their home, I highly recommend visiting You won’t be disappointed!

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